For an artist, home isn't just a shelter. It's a studio, a refuge, a cabinet of secrets, a site of inspiration. It's where work gets done - work that will someday be released into the world but also, just as crucially, work that will end up in the trash, literally or figuratively. 

- Hanya Yanagihara

Sentiment - originally titled sanctuary for one, developing from the works ‘Self-Identity’ and ‘Introspective Identity’, this piece ‘Sentiment’ is a short film (duration of 6 minuet & 14 seconds) that like the connotations of its title suggests conveys imagery and symbolism from audio and visuals elements within the film that are used to represent and evoke emotions within the audience. 

Shown within a 14x9ft blacked out space, the film abruptly starts from a blank screened void, both audibly and visually. The piece is played out in acts, segments of negative space between the scenes that acts as breaks between chapters. The audience is shown several different scenes with accompanying audio within the first 56 seconds. These scenes are harshly jump-cut together with no connection between them but the visual narrative they play. ‘Sentiment’ was originally intended to be an audio narrative driven piece however, through editing and developing the current outcome of my short film relies heavily on the visual elements portraying the artists mind through subjective surrealist layers which show relative aspects towards the artist and urban landscapes. ‘Sentiment’ also reflects the aesthetic elements within 1960’s-70’s Korean art films and video art which where strong influences for the aesthetics and technical development of the filming stage.

Sentiment is my 4th short film and the second film in my collection where I take a centre role as the main actor and subject, though only partly and contextually. Within several frames of the footage my reflection be it only partially my face or my whole body can be seen within the bubbles that float around the visual space of the film. Almost anthropomorphically dancing in the foreground and background bridging the visual spaces for the audience. this piece is shot using a DSLR. 

Most of the bubble footage and scenic footage was shot in my back garden, visual use of bubbles are a representation of how I believe ideas, concepts and memories surface within my mind as the artist, The darker tones of the mind are shown with the locational use of architectural space and where these structures are placed in night or day. 

Though this work was originally intended to be a narrative driven piece much like my poem piece 2020 is presented, but the current outcome of my short film relies heavily on the visual that is accompanied by related sounds. These sounds where experimental versions I developed. The underwater bubble sound was made using a cheap microphone I snapped 

My experimentation and exploration of my researched artists has heavily influenced the way in which I thoughtfully directed and shot these spaces and scenes. I use audio recorded in real time with the footage from the spaces they were shot in as a transition between visuals.

The sensual use of colour within the visuals along with sound convey the emotional contextual language to the audience I physically, mentally cannot and my work is left open to interpretation.

The camera is an extension of the artist eye. A tool for documenting the present for the future. All the aspects of this films footage are shot through a DSLR. These visuals elements convey the narrative elements of modern life through the examination of relevant locations and symbolic images of myself as the “artist”.