2020 | MMXX

This poetic piece was based upon the current affairs of the whole year of 2020 and my own personal opinions and approach to how it was being portrayed within media and to a factual historical record of events. This work is heavily inspired by an internet trope that was floating around at the time of "It's still March!". With the UK lockdown begging in March, people lost a sense of time with the continued effect of being indoors and limited to certain events and activities. Weeks and days began to merge, and people lost themselves in the continued effects of the same repeated routine and environment.  A continuous march...

The piece is a poem I had been writing over the first 7 months of lockdown. About each major event that took place that year and I compiled it into separate verses with its own undertone and literally perspective and presentation of the event that took place. The piece was not originally intended to be a video or film piece but due to the outcomes and affects that came with the Covid restrictions. I had to adapt my outcome into this short film. as shown with the other experimental films I tested the parameters and areas to produce this piece to the masses.

The clips from the news are a collective visual representation of the words I am speaking, the cropped view and represented black outline for each visual are representations of bars, bars to represent a prison, cage, or a singular view point that only shows part of the "whole" visual. These can be off centred or comprised together to create a similarity or equal meaning.

The use of this is to show how the media has whitewashed and only presented small portions of a bigger picture to use. We only seen news now of our own country or America, we no longer learn of our European neighbours of the reset of the world. The symbolisation of a prison or cage is shaped with the bars being formed over the short clips, the black bordered around clips represent a view, like looking through a window or a hole to the outside world, which is being surrounded and compressed by this empty and "invisible enemy?"

I wanted to work on a connected theme that used a medium that I have a personal affiliation to as a consumer but also a medium and practice I am unfamiliar with curating. I began by looking at artist that used this practice already and between my inspiration "It's still March" and these artists work and practice I began to write my poem. The artists that have helped shape my inspiration for my piece has been the work of Karen Sandhu, an artist who uses performance with her poetry to form a figurative and fictional story. Her Current piece the Itchy Archive inspired me to practice working more within the idea of storytelling through the use of language and how I could present this within art.

Though this work was originally intended to be a situational text based piece, the current outcome of a short film that relies heavily on the audio on the background to convey these silent visuals gives the contextual language we as an audience use to relate is a strong and independent piece that not only stands alone from my original poem but strongly compliments it as well.